Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

have another look

it's always worth having a look at the new designs of the label lika mimika. just a few examples. go check yourself.

Montag, 26. Mai 2014


the fastest train from versailles to paris takes 10 minutes and arrives at gare montparnasse. but because of the many stairs its not an option with a stroller. so we take the train from rive droite to st.lazare which takes 30 minutes but you arrive not only right in the heart of the city but there are also lifts and even a ramp for the stroller. last week we went to paris because i found out about a café especially for strollers: le poussette café. they offer food and drinks and a lot of space for your stroller, which is not self-evident in paris. plus they organise weekly courses for mom's. i chose to go to a yoga with baby class and i enjoyed it a lot. and hey, living with paris on the doorstep you have to benefit from the offer.
with the stroller you get to see the metro sign only form outside - no chance to go down there. so it's exploring paris by walk.

Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

petit bateau

first thing i did after arriving in versailles was checking out the petit bateau store at rue paroisse. for me they create perfect outfits for little frenchs. so i bought our baby boy the petit bateau body collection: a color for every day of the week.

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

chanel cruise collection 2015

this years chanel cruise collection looks east: the theme was landing in dubai and karl lagerfeld implemented it with airy fabrics, voluminous silhouettes and a great mix of pattern and colours. i loved it. have a look yourself:

pictures via

Montag, 19. Mai 2014

summer feeling

yesterday the weather was so nice and warm that we headed out to the parc balbi. it seems that people here (and who doesn't) love to lay down on a nice picnic blanket and enjoy the sun and some sweets. we had a great time and the small park is adorable. i was really happy to wear my sandals for the first time this season. i bought them already a year ago, but the good thing about sandals is you wear them rarely and you are longer pleased about them...

Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

france and...

...le pain.

the day we arrived and looked around our new neighbourhood we became aware of the fact that there were boulangeries everywhere.  looking at the opening hours we assumed that french people buy there bread every morning or at least every day fresh. you actually have to, because the next day the bread is either hard or slouchy. the first three days we went every morning before breakfast in the nearest boulangerie which is a 5 minute walk from home and bought not only un pain (here you say pain for baguette) but also deux pains au chocolat et deux croissants!! After three days my husband an i looked at each other and decided that couldn't be it, we would end up gaining 10 kilos in less than a month. i actually have no idea how french people resist to these small seductions but at least we stopped having croissants and pain and pains au chocolat every other morning and limited it to the weekends. better than nothing, right?!

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

being prepared

even before our son was born i became aware of the fact that with a child you definitely need water proof clothes. because there is no choice: you go out whether it is sunny or not. and with the stroller it is difficult to carry an umbrella. so i started looking for some good clothes for rainy days. soon i saw these cool rain boots from navyboot and put them on my wishlist for last christmas. what i still needed was a nice rain coat and i wanted it to be eye catching. i found a cool but classic one  at friesennerz.  i had to wait till we moved to versailles to use the whole outfit for the first time. but since we live here i wear it every other day and i'm quite happy to have gotten those essentials.

Montag, 12. Mai 2014

starting over

this time i don't only start over with hopefully posting on a more regular basis (i know, i said that before!!) but i also start over in a new city. the picture would make you think it is is not quite but almost...

it's versailles...yes, that's the place with the huge castle and the even bigger park:

we moved here 10 days ago and everything is new. the appartment, the city and of course the language but also the people. luckily i am here with my husband and our sweet four month baby boy. these two changes - the moving and the one of being a mum - gives me the opportunity to not only talk about fashion on my blog (don't be afraid, paris is not far and i didn't lose my passion for fashion during pregnancy) but also about adapting to a new city with a little child. you might ask yourself if there even is a difference between life in switzerland and in france but believe me, there is. plus i found out (not that i had any doubt) that having a child opens up a whole new field of consumption!!
The plan is thus to still talk about fashion but make the blog more personal by talking about the experience abroad and of course about all the baby stuff. and believe me, there's gonna be a lot to tell (if time allows).