Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

france and...

...le pain.

the day we arrived and looked around our new neighbourhood we became aware of the fact that there were boulangeries everywhere.  looking at the opening hours we assumed that french people buy there bread every morning or at least every day fresh. you actually have to, because the next day the bread is either hard or slouchy. the first three days we went every morning before breakfast in the nearest boulangerie which is a 5 minute walk from home and bought not only un pain (here you say pain for baguette) but also deux pains au chocolat et deux croissants!! After three days my husband an i looked at each other and decided that couldn't be it, we would end up gaining 10 kilos in less than a month. i actually have no idea how french people resist to these small seductions but at least we stopped having croissants and pain and pains au chocolat every other morning and limited it to the weekends. better than nothing, right?!

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