Montag, 12. Mai 2014

starting over

this time i don't only start over with hopefully posting on a more regular basis (i know, i said that before!!) but i also start over in a new city. the picture would make you think it is is not quite but almost...

it's versailles...yes, that's the place with the huge castle and the even bigger park:

we moved here 10 days ago and everything is new. the appartment, the city and of course the language but also the people. luckily i am here with my husband and our sweet four month baby boy. these two changes - the moving and the one of being a mum - gives me the opportunity to not only talk about fashion on my blog (don't be afraid, paris is not far and i didn't lose my passion for fashion during pregnancy) but also about adapting to a new city with a little child. you might ask yourself if there even is a difference between life in switzerland and in france but believe me, there is. plus i found out (not that i had any doubt) that having a child opens up a whole new field of consumption!!
The plan is thus to still talk about fashion but make the blog more personal by talking about the experience abroad and of course about all the baby stuff. and believe me, there's gonna be a lot to tell (if time allows).

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