Montag, 26. Mai 2014


the fastest train from versailles to paris takes 10 minutes and arrives at gare montparnasse. but because of the many stairs its not an option with a stroller. so we take the train from rive droite to st.lazare which takes 30 minutes but you arrive not only right in the heart of the city but there are also lifts and even a ramp for the stroller. last week we went to paris because i found out about a café especially for strollers: le poussette café. they offer food and drinks and a lot of space for your stroller, which is not self-evident in paris. plus they organise weekly courses for mom's. i chose to go to a yoga with baby class and i enjoyed it a lot. and hey, living with paris on the doorstep you have to benefit from the offer.
with the stroller you get to see the metro sign only form outside - no chance to go down there. so it's exploring paris by walk.

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