Freitag, 27. April 2012

talking about stripes

did we talk about stripes yet? i don't think so, but we should have acutally. each spring it is the same old love story - me and stripes. maybe it is because stripes remind me of sailoring ergo freedom and good times? or because i love the fact that they look sporty, classy and casual in a retro sort of way? above i mixed my jcrew shirt with some old boyfriend jeans and even older chucks. below you see jessie, who paired her beautiful blazer with a classy shirt and dark jeans - quite fancy. last but not least my new bikini - my next beach stay (which is to come veryyyy soon) is gonna be perfection (at least when it comes to the outfit)! aaaaaand - before you go and check your wardrobe for stripes: don't forget to ad at least something red - it can be nailpolish or as you see the lining of jessies blazer (check out her blog by the way). as always: it's all in the detail. another addition: those who follow me on instagram (still not so many) already know these pictures - for the rest of you: outinsight_blogspot.

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